I am very happy & satisfied to this hospital & IHS hyperbaric wound center for treatment. The treatment is very good for body. I am very very happy. Thank you for all your support.

Patient treated for Atrophie Blanche - completed 15 HBOT & all lesions totally resolved
Mrs. Daxaben A Patel
About The Wound Care Center: Whenever we visit HBOT center, we found it neat & clean. One can find everything on place. Infrastructure is with nice interiors & all necessary equipments are available e.g. Washroom, change room, Television etc. One can also find necessary literature about HBOT.

About the staff: HBOT center staff is very experienced in Hyperbaric oxygen therapy procedure. They provide treatment with human touch; staff explained us the HBOT with the help of various case studies. Overall our experience of IHS wound center at SAL Ahmedabad was excellent. Thanks for providing such a nice service.

We feel that this HBOT treatment is very helpful to patient of diabetic foot wound & we realize that this treatment help our patients to improve his blood flow at wound, also we believe that this treatment gave us many indirect benefit in healing of diabetic foot.

Patient was treated for diabetic foot wound
Mr. Samir Shah (Son Of Patient Navinbhai Shah)
After 15 HBOT sessions I got significant relief from pain. This therapy really works. It is very much helpful to me because I came here with Crutches and with severe pain, but after IHS HBOT treatment there are no crutches & I feel so happy now. I don't even feel that I had any problem of crutches in my hips or Pain in walking in past.

Thanks to the staff, Dr. Sandeep & Dr. Manmath

Took 30 HBOT Sessions for Bi- Lateral Avascular necrosis (AVN) of Hips
Mrs. Anjuben
Administration view: Nice & Good.

Potentiality view: Very high.

Monetary view: Need to be more competitive so more people can avail the benefit.

Well wishes for HBOT center: Keep patience; be consistent, you will see a golden time in years to come.
Patient treated For Bi-Lateral AVN of hips advance stage
Mr. Sudhir Deora