Innovative Healing Systems India wound care and hyperbaric services apply discipline to every component necessary to offer hospital administration a leading revenue department that provides outstanding service. Applied expertise in every area including process management, physician relationships, and market understanding are critical to realize the incremental growth and expansion targets of a truly successful program. Innovative Healing Systems India adaptable models support the hospital's strategic objectives by offering options where our company shares risk in the department's production and provides solutions to finance the facilities start-up capital.




Innovative Healing Systems India possesses the knowledge and experience to direct the operations, management, and flow of a wound care and hyperbaric clinic while remaining focused on the vision and desired outcomes of the hospital administrators. Specific, measurable, and attainable targets and objectives are defined for each facet of the business model developed in collaboration with the hospital. Innovative Healing Systems India gives wound care team members the necessary attention and opportunities to flourish and meet these goals to achieve and maintain a center of excellence. This dedication to quality earns a respectable reputation for the hospital's program where the surrounding medical community recognizes the value and confidently refers patients in need of wound care and hyperbaric services.



Innovative Healing Systems India strives to optimize outcomes and revenue while minimizing expenditures for our partner hospitals through holding the Innovative Wound Center staff and physicians to a high standard of clinical and fiscal accountability. Through our specialized financial departments, training and education programs, customized electronic management systems, and diligent management supervision, we capitalize on fiscal aspect of the Innovative Wound Center. Examples of support services we provide to ensure the hospital's success include:

  • Enhance Clinical Outcome
  • Support Case Reviews
  • Charge Master Review
  • Electronic Health Records
  • Payment Collection Strategies
  • Cost Report Analysis
  • Budget Analysis & Reporting
  • Staffing Control Matrices
  • Inventory Review
  • Demographic Analysis
  • Marketing Programs & Support

In today's healthcare environment, it's imperative to grow, achieve, and obtain the optimal revenue that is available and provide the services that will improve the quality of life for your patients. Innovative Healing Systems India has developed processes to collaborate with you to add a wound care and hyperbaric service with the commitment to deliver a clear picture of your revenue situation and how to improve it.



A detailed market analysis is performed to assess the demographics for the potential treatable diagnoses present in the service area of the hospital. The competing facilities offering similar services are additionally assessed and accounted for.

One key example includes statistics relating to the diabetic population and density to establish potential treatable diagnoses at the Innovative Wound Center:





Innovative Healing Systems India marketing campaign strategies nurture service area physician relationships. When physicians refer their patients in need of wound care services to the Innovative Wound Center, the referring physician is kept involved in the plan of care. With patient permission, updates on progress, as well as, changes in health are communicated. By keeping the primary care physician abreast of their patients' progress and outcomes, confidence and loyalty earns their continued support and potentially the support of their trusted colleagues.



Center medical directors, physicians, and staff are supported and recognized by Innovative Healing Systems India as valued leaders in their respective disciplines. Our renowned chief medical officer and president is one of the few board certified proctors who make available his mentorship and guidance to the Center medical directors, physicians, and staff. Additionally, Innovative Healing Systems India education division recognizes key elements of success that differentiate the average wound care and hyperbaric center from a true center of excellence. We have developed education and orientation programs that lay strong foundations of growth and opportunity. These programs harness and develop the power of our greatest asset, the team, and they include:

  • Collaborating with the hospital marketing and educational team
  • Providing hospital billing team with educational expertise
  • Supplying customized electronic health record for point of service documentation
  • Training physicians under the Undersea Hyperbaric Medical Society (USA) standards of hyperbaric proctorship
  • Facilitating physician education to obtain wound and hyperbaric medicine certifications
  • Increasing physician revenue potential
  • Establishing regional physician leadership roles
  • Assisting nurses' and technologists' wound education, certifications, and continuing education units



Hospital administrators have the option with Innovative Healing Systems India to select the type of physician service that is best suited to their hospital environment while adhering to legal obligations. Successful models have included relationships such as:

  • Physicians employed by Innovative Healing Systems India or the hospital on a full time basis for the Innovative Wound Center.
  • Physicians contracted by Innovative Healing Systems India or the hospital dedicating their practice solely to the Innovative Wound Center.
  • Physicians in group practice contracted by Innovative Healing Systems India or the hospital schedule coverage for the wound care and hyperbaric needs in the Innovative Wound Center.
  • Physicians having their own practice adjacent to the Innovative Wound Center contracted by Innovative Healing Systems India or the hospital to cover the wound care and hyperbaric needs of the clinic.
  • Physicians having their own practice contracted by Innovative Healing Systems India or the hospital to work on selected days during the week or weekend at the Innovative Wound Center.



IHS supplies a complete set of policies and procedures that will be customized to meet the facilities need. These policies and procedures have been reviewed and approved by the Undersea and Hyperbaric Medical Society (USA) and Joint Commission (USA). Our proprietary policies and procedures are continually reviewed and updated to meet and / or exceed compliance standards for Joint Commission, UHMS, and our hospital partner.

  • Comprehensive Set
  • Facility Customized
  • UHMS Reviewed & Approved
  • JACHO Reviewed & Approved
  • Continually Reviewed & Updated



Innovative Healing Systems India makes available through contracting, purchase, or lease the latest technology equipment that is the state of the science for the Innovative Wound Center including hyperbaric chambers, mobile computers, and testing equipment. Innovative Wound Center equipment owned and operated by Innovative Healing Systems India is flawlessly maintained, exceeding the safety standards of the Undersea Hyperbaric Medical Society (USA) and Joint Commission (USA). Through a unique collaboration with equipment manufacturers, our trained master technologists provide the necessary scheduled maintenance and repairs to maximize the efficiency and safety of your program.



Establishing a center of excellence for the hospital to strengthen its reputation can in part be demonstrated by achieving the honor of meeting and exceeding accreditation of governing bodies like:

  • National Accreditation Board for Hospitals & Healthcare Providers (NABH)
  • International Organization for Standardization (ISO) 9001

Innovative Healing Systems Wound Centers have achieved "accreditation" and "accreditation with distinction" for partnering hospitals. Through continuous sharing of best practice knowledge and an emphasis on continuing education, the Innovative Wound Centers teams have the tools to lead the wound care market.