Innovative Healing Systems India is an organization dedicated to making a difference in peoples’ lives, being a leader in quality healing outcomes, and exceeding satisfaction for our patients, customers, and associates. Dedicated experts that take pride in exploring opportunities and initiating dialogue with health care professionals considering their locations for quality wound care and hyperbaric programs. Guided by the strength of Innovative Healing Systems U.S.A. vision, mission, and values, the team strives to form trusted successful relationships with hospital partners sharing in the commitment to patients and their well being. The greatest honor is witnessing the delight of patients liberated from a complex life-changing wound.


Innovative Healing Systems India was established as an extension of a successful hyperbaric and wound care company in the U.S.A . The company saw a growing need for managing patients with wound problems that could not be addressed by vascular and surgical experience alone. India, as having the highest number of diabetics and rising offers ample opportunity to the company to be at the forefront in treating non-healing wounds and provide patient satisfaction which would otherwise be unknown to those suffering from debilitating wounds.

Innovative Healing Systems is a financially sound privately held corporation initially formed in 2003. Since inception, the company has grown to include other clinical disciplines and hyperbaric oxygen therapy. This transition has evolved the company into a fully comprehensive management model offering an expertise that surpasses even the largest of companies. Innovative Healing Systems has become a market leader in the emerging medical disciplines of the clinical treatment of chronic wounds and the adjunctive use of hyperbaric oxygen therapy through arrangements with hospitals and physicians.

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Fellow American College of Surgeons, FACS

Fellow International College of Surgeons, FICS

Fellow American College of Certified Wound Specialist (FACCWS)

Diplomate American Board of Wound Medicine and Surgery(ABWMS)

Fellow American College of Hyperbaric Medicine (FACHM)

Board Certified Surgeon (ABS)

Board Certified Hyperbaric Medicine (ABPM-UHM)

Fellow American Board Quality and Utilization Review (FABQAURP)

Chief of Surgery, Florida Hospital Carrollwood in Tampa, FL

Dr. Ravindra Patel known best as “Dr. Ravi” is a respected member of the Undersea & Hyperbaric Medical Association and the surgical community with over 25 years of practicing experience. His credentials include four board certifications providing a comprehensive evidence based approach to wound care and hyperbaric medicine. For Dr. Ravi, healing is his primary passion and focus, “We must provide the medical means our patients deserve to expediently heal their wounds; our mandate is to investigate, examine, and apply the most advanced and scientifically proven means to positively impact out patient’s lives.” Dr. Ravi invests in his team and sets expectations high and plans to over achieve results. He’s adept at promoting the highest standard of care while respecting the microeconomic and macroeconomic environment relating to hospitals, business, and patients. Dr. Ravi’s successful business acumen originates from his belief in a viable solution and his leadership and rapport is respected by patients and associates. Therefore, his team concurrently believes there are viable solutions that meet the specialized needs of our customers and the patients where the outcomes exceed the expectations.

Dr. Ravi is an active member in the health and medical community with relationships and recognition by his peers, partner hospitals, medical societies, and chambers of commerce. He pledges time and resources to the philanthropic foundations which support research, development, and education relating to excellence in patient care.

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Innovative Healing Systems is committed to establishing Centers of Excellence as the leading provider of advanced wound care for the surrounding communities of the partnering hospital. Innovative Healing Systems ultimate goal is to become recognized as the quality leader in the hyperbaric therapy and wound care market regionally, nationally and globally.

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Innovative Healing Systems is the paramount provider of outpatient wound care and hyperbaric services for our partner, the hospital. A team of experts provides the highest level of professionalism and efficacious resource management for mutually beneficial clinical and financial relationships. Dedicated to quality, performance, education, safety, service and self-assessment, Innovative Healing Systems realizes that its employees are the most valuable asset; therefore, each employee is engaged in continuous improvement of their skills with their successful contributions and growth opportunities recognized by leadership.

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Innovative Healing Systems is passionately committed to a successful partnership with the hospital for the benefit of patients. Interdisciplinary thinking is utilized to accomplish superior results through teamwork. This cooperative approach provides quality care with realistic goals for the patient. Innovative Healing Systems recognizes the value of its employees and provides an environment wherein employees are rewarded for their positive efforts and contributions. Innovative Healing Systems values our customers and promises to provide exceptional care to the community. Finally, Innovative Healing Systems utilizes sound business strategies, pledges responsible fiscal stability, and pursues safe efficient operations while honoring its core values.


Service excellence is valued as a strategic goal. Through a day to day commitment to excellence, employees, partners, and patients receive the absolute best experience while accessing all offered services.


Positive outcomes and high patient satisfaction are central to success. Leadership at all levels is practiced and engrained establishing confident work environments and superior patient outcomes.


People at Innovative Healing Systems commit to developing a work environment of shared respect and responsibility to achieve the successful delivery of service to our patients, partners, and employees. Professionalism, integrity, honesty, loyalty, and trust combined with strong work ethics create effective teams with the core values that contribute to the success of our mission.


Personal and professional growth is facilitated by all teammates helping and supporting each other. Advanced educational opportunities are available to enable members of the organization to integrate additional knowledge into the day to day work environment.


Financial success and stability are pledged to the team and the hospital through developing and maintaining sound business strategies and operational efficiency.

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