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Welcome to Innovative Healing Systems, India website. You will find information about Wound Care and Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT) here. You will also learn about our company and the high quality of care and top safety standards of the service we provide on these pages.


Innovative Healing Systems is committed to establishing Centers of Excellence as the leading provider of advanced wound care for the surrounding communities of the partnering hospital. Innovative Healing Systems ultimate goal is to become recognized as the quality leader in the hyperbaric therapy and wound care market regionally, nationally and globally.


Innovative Healing Systems is the paramount provider of outpatient wound care and hyperbaric services for our partner, the hospital. A team of experts provides the highest level of professionalism and efficacious resource management for mutually beneficial clinical and financial relationships. Dedicated to quality, performance, education, safety, service and self-assessment, Innovative Healing Systems realizes that its employees are the most valuable asset; therefore, each employee is engaged in continuous improvement of their skills with their successful contributions and growth opportunities recognized by leadership.

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After 15 HBOT sessions I got significant relief from pain. This therapy really works.